Securing An Experienced Maritime Attorney

Top 5 Things That Must Always Be Done Right After an Offshore Injury

Remain Calm

First stay calm. It is recommended that a maritime victim should try to stay focus and calm as to not make a bad situation from getting worse.

Stop Continuing To Perform Work Activities

It’s very important that you need to stop working as soon as possible.  Further activities have the possibility to make your injury worse and may increase the chances that injuries may hurt possible co-workers.

Report All Maritime Injuries

It’s important to keep in mind to report all injuries to the responsible party immediately.  Also, it’s imperative to ensure that the appropriate incident reports are filed correctly and in accordance with the Coast Guard regulations and organization procedure.

Request Medical Treatment Immediately.

It is important to request any medical treatment that is necessary in order to treat many possible injuries you may have suffered on the job.  Any slow response from the maritime company is not in your best interest.

Find Legal Help

It is extremely important to speak with a maritime attorney prior to signing any documents from the maritime company. Keep in mind that as soon as you were hurt, you became a legal threat to the company’s financial position.  Chances are, this may not be the first time the company may have dealt with injured employees before.  You must ensure your Protection by securing an experienced maritime attorney.  To learn more visit offshore injury lawyer